Rogala Productions

Founded by Catherine Rogala

The entertainment industry has been predominantly run by men for years.


In 2017, women accounted for just 24% of producers, 8% of directors, 10% of writers, 2% of cinematographers, and 14% of editors in the top 100 grossing films. This means that the majority of the time, female roles were seen through the male lense, and often in male driven stories.


Theater isn’t too different. While the overwhelming majority of theater goers are female, two out of three roles in theater are male. Directors are male 67% of the time and female playwrights are produced 36% of the time. These numbers fluctuate from year to year, but have not once come close to 50/50.


As a female actress and writer, I don’t just want to see this change--I’ve decided to be part of changing it. And Rogala Productions was born.


Rogala Productions is dedicated to telling female driven stories and providing women the opportunity to succeed both in front of the camera and behind it; both on stage and behind the scenes. 


We achieve this by having female creative teams telling female stories and are committed to hiring at least 80% female crews.


It’s time we see women on stage and screen the way we see them in life: messy and powerful and human.